DEAR Prospective Entrepreneur, 

We are thrilled that you decided to take the bold step towards building your own business. We have experienced unprecedented events in the last 2 years which revealed that we have to be prepared for anything at all times. As inflation continues to rise, people are now realizing that they have to utilize their skills as much as possible. While the pandemic rearranged the goals of many, the pandemic also negatively altered the education of children worldwide.

Today, children around the globe are facing academic challenges due to the unstable nature of the education system. This has changed the demand for qualified educators; The demand is greater than ever before. During 2022 and for the next few years families will need the support of knowledgeable educators to help fill the gaps.

While we can guess that ???’ve ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ??? private ???????? ????????, you most likely put it off ??? ?? ???? ?? ????, money, resources and/or personal issues? To help alleviate stressors associated with starting your tutoring business, the team at Wright Frame of Mind designed a variety of tutor guides/educational plans specifically for busy educators like yourself. 

Browse through our catalogue to see the services we provide. When you decide what works best for you, contact us so that we can begin the collaboration for setting up your very own mobile/virtual tutoring business. We will work together to ??? ?? ? ???????????? ????????? ???????? ???? and provide you ???? customized – ready to use –  ????????? and also get you access to high quality apparel. You already possess skills that are high in demand; make greater use of them TODAY! 


You won’t be disappointed! 


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