Teaching: Interview Guide + Post Interview TO-DO LIST



Once you’ve sent your application package off, you will find yourself waiting, waiting, and then waiting some more. At times this wait can be no more than a day or two, but in instances like the application process to become an occasional teacher it can be a multi-month long stretch.
Your resume is finished. Your cover letter is set. There’s nothing more to do, right?
This e-book will outline the most effective ways to use your time between sending off your application, and preparing responses for the most likely interview questions you will find yourself answering.

Included in this E-Book:

1. Preparing for the interview

2. Possible Interview Questions along with answers

3. What to do after your interview

My background is with the Toronto District School Board, and this information is shaped through the lens of the many interviews I and my colleagues have been through in the TDSB, and surrounding GTA boards.

This advice also applies to boards both inside, and outside of Canada. It is also useful for experienced teachers who are looking to interview when changing schools, seeking leadership positions, or looking to become administrators. Email me at wrightframeofmind@gmail.com if you’d like to setup a consultation for a mock interview and/or receive a copy of specific “look-fors” that most interviewees expect to hear during the interview. Let us help you land the job of your dreams! CONNECT WITH US TODAY!


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